- Finally a high spec boat doesn't cost you a fortune 


Designed & Prototyped in Australia 

 Alloycraft is origined by boat industry veteran - Egan Dyett and refined by Bingstar's experienced naval architect with inputs from our customers. We rigorously test our boat in designated water to the ultimate refinement before hand-over for production  

Compliance to ISO12217:3-2002/AMD.1:2009

small craft - stability & buoyancy and Australian Builder Plate

 Each model of Alloycraft was designed and tested to ISO12217:3-2002/AMD.1:2009 regulation by third party testing authority. This is the fundation of each our boat to be complied with ABP (Australian's Builder Plate). Safe Boating is our first priority. 

High specification as standard 

 While other boat builders are cutting down standard fitting list to make the boat "more affordable", we build these features as part of standard fittings. Simple reason - to make our customer enjoy boating.    

    Exceptional workmanship        Key to the alloy boat is its workmanship,        Alloycraft boat builders are CCS certificed.                                                                         We don't just manufacture products,                     we build boat with pride

100% Hull Testing



We 100% test our boat following Bingstar unique testing process in our purpose built water testing tank. Your boat comes with our complimentay hull testing photo.



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